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Station Thursdays at Practice

On Thursdays, all RYTES Warriors squads (3rd-6th grade) take part in Station Thursdays which is one hour of working on details and fundamentals of basketball like shooting, rebounding, boxing out, dribbling, passing and layups. For many of the players, its the time to improve on the details of their game. With many of them, it's a chance to get repitition on a particular fundamental and get better on the court. Coaches benefit from stations by getting a chance to look at players and get almost a one on one session with each player.

Coach Jules Moor and Coach Tony Williams work the box out station. Players work on position, determination and aggressiveness in this drill.

Coach OC runs the close out drill and timing of alll stations. This drill teaches kids to chop their feet instead of jumping at shot fakes. This drill improves our players ability to trap.

Coach Holt monitors the dribbling station where players work on playing defense on the ball and work on their ball handling skills.

Overall, Station Thursdays is a great way for kids to get the fundamental work in so they can perform well on the court.

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