Upcoming Tournaments
The 5th Annual Winter Slam

January 18-19, 2014


The 5th Annual Spring Bling

March 8-9, 2014


The 3rd Annual Spring Superfest

May 3-4, 2014


The 3rd Annual Summer Superfest

June 7-8, 2014


The 3rd Southwest Nationals

June 27-29, 2014


The RYTES Foundation

Our Vision

The vision of the RYTES Foundation is to take it to the highest level spiritually, athletically and academically. Our drive is to make sure that all student athletes in our program receive college scholarships.




Our philosophy is simple: Strive to be the best individual and team player. Our goal at RYTES Basketball is to help each player to reach his/her goals as a student athlete. However, to reach these goals, we have to be dedicated and discipline as parents, coaches and players.




The goal is to use basketball a tool to gain a college scholarship and develop good citizens. The game of basketball teaches our kids about perserverance, teamwork, and life skills. Success comes from hard work and dedication.